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Crescent Sleeveless Coveralls

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his coverall is going to be the most fun addition to your wardrobe in a very long time... Wear it as is with come old docs or sandals for effortless ease or layer this bad boy up with tees or turtle necks. Oh the fun you'll have! Designed to flatter womanly curves, this piece looks great on all shapes and sizes.

Designed in Byron Bay, Australia, this product is a part of our endeavor to use more environmentally sustainable fabrics.

100% Organic Cotton 13 ounce Denim

As of 2020 we are moving the majority of our denim program and as many styles as we can to Organic Cotton. Organic Cotton is grown without the use of carcinogenic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides, therefore helping to improve the quality of the land, prevent water contamination and wastage, and conserve biodiversity. As there are no chemical retentions in Organic Cotton clothing, people with allergies or with specific chemical sensitivity will greatly benefit from these styles.


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