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Death Valley Nails creates vegan, cruelty-free and nontoxic nail polish by hand in small batches. The Dust to Dust Collection honours the earth. Each bottle features materials ethically foraged to form a connection with its place of origin. 

We break down this pigment by hand with a mortar and pestle. The polish is naturally colored from the pigment that is broken down and will have texture as well as larger pieces of pigment present in the polish finish. Each batch will have slight color variations as we use different parts of the rock. 

Naturally, larger particles will stick to the bottom and sides of the bottle and not suspend in the polish base.

Pigment is a steward of history.
Earth pigments are crushed or extracted minerals from rocks that give us a color experience. Powdered land. 
Earth pigments have been used in the making of art and for communication since Homo sapiens have been on the earth. Rich pigments have been used to tell the stories of past civilizations through cave drawings, burials, rituals and ceremonies.
At a time when we seek out connection through so many different outlets, the notion prevails that a core connection between us with each other, and us and the earth, is pigment. 
Through this polish series we are exploring the life cycle of soil, stone, and bone.
Red Jasper: Foraged From San Bernardino, California.
Green Opal Stone: Foraged From Winnemucca, Nevada. 
 Amethyst: Amethyst Foraged From Unaweep Canyon in Colorado.

ChryscollaChrysocolla Foraged From Tucson, Arizona.

Turmeric RootThis polish is made from Turmeric Root straight from the garden. It is naturally tinted and applies sheer with pieces of Turmeric Root.

 Quartz: Quartz Foraged In Palmdale, California. 

Hemp Flower + Sage: This hemp flower is from Garcia Bros Organics which is apart of The Texas Hemp Growers Association. The polish is naturally sheer and yellowish/green. It will have texture as well as larger pieces of pigment present in the polish finish. 

Naturally, larger particles will stick to the bottom and sides of the bottle and not suspend in the polish base.

Pink Tellin Seashells: Tellin Seashells from Marco Island, Florida. 

Yellow Iron Ore: Foraged From The Wasatch Mountains In Nevada.

Dried Hibiscus Flower + Beet Root: We break down this pigment by hand from dried hibiscus flower and beet roots. This polish is sheer and acts as a topper.

Reishi: Reishi From The Catskill Mountains, NY.

Cornflowers: Flowers From Death Valley home garden.

Wildflowers: Flowers from a field in Texas.

Fossils: From The Kem Kem Beds In Southeastern Morocco.

The Kem Kem Beds in southeastern Morocco were once full of a variety of prehistoric life which included dinosaurs and other land reptiles, flying pterosaurs, sharks and fish. 

The fossils in this polish are from the Late Cretaceous Period 112-97 million years ago. This polish includes dinosaur, reptile, shark and fish fossils. Specifically, a mixture of Deltadromeus, Carcharodontosurus, Spinosaurus, and Onchopristis fossils. These fossils are readily available on the market and the small amount in this limited edition polish is not diminishing a rare commodity.

The fossils in this polish were acquired by Paleo Direct which houses their own preparation lab and has been working extensively with the digging, preparation and conservation of fossils and artifacts since 1986. They are a member with the American Association of Paleontological Suppliers and the Authentic Artifact Collectors Association. Each purchase of this polish comes with a certificate of authenticity as well as a fact sheet detailing the fossils used in this polish.