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Death Valley Nails creates vegan, cruelty-free and nontoxic nail polish by hand in small batches. 

Their polishes are ten-free. Ten-free means that our polish base is formulated without formaldehyde, toluene DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, parabens, phthalates, or added fragrances. Their polishes are free of ingredients derived from animals..

All Death Valley products are made by hand, by the artists, in small batches. They are passionate about the creation of high-quality beauty products that are responsibly made. They cycle out polishes frequently to make room for new colors and collections.

 Death Valley Nails gives a percentage of our profits to the Mojave Desert Land Trust, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation and Soul Fire Farm.


16.5 oz bottle.

For best results, use a base coat and 2-3 coats of polish followed by a top coat.


Colour Reference

10mg of Adderall: Berry Blue.

A Crow Called Moxie: Carbon Grey With A Purple Shift

A Dogwood in Golgotha: Dark Teal With A Green Shift.

A Love Poem I Used to Know: Mauve Purple.

A Matador Goes Zen: Light Teal Blue With Subtle Green Shimmer.

A Nightingale Singing Jazz: Jelly Turquoise With A Purple Shift And Scattered Holo

A Tincture for Yuletide: White And Red Glitter Topper.

An Electric Eel in Love: The Brightest Pink With A Subtle Blue Shift

Antelope Valley: Matte Arctic blue

Ashen: Milky White With Silver And Holo Flakes.

Azalea: Pink Clay

Badwater: Matte Black

Baptism By Fire: Neon jelly lime green

Barbarella: Fuschia pink

Belted Kingfisher: Blue/Purple With Iridescent Glitter Specks And Violet Shimmer

Big Horn: Crimson Red With Red Shift.

Blackbush: Marigold Yellow

Boogie Man: Gold with Brown Undertones

Brine Digesting in Flamingo: Coral red

Burnt Sienna: Brick Red

Coquelicot: Orange Ochre

Cowboy's Chapped Thighs: Electric Purple

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom: Jelly baby pink with scattered holo And A turquoise shift

Christmas Means Carnage: Wine Red With Chrome Red Shimmer.

Crawdaddy: Chilipepper red

Crocodilia: Dark Compost Green

Dark Stars: Black With Violet + Gold Scattered Holo Glitter And Gold Specks

Desert Cottontail: Peach tinted pink

Desert Tortoise: Pine green

Desert WillowLight Violet Purple With A Pink Shift

Doom + Gloom: Grey With Red Undertones And A Subtle Copper Shift

Easy Tiger!: Neon Lilac Purple

FridgidariumJelly Emerald Green With Gold And Chrome Specks

Flint Wishing it was Fluorite: Periwinkle Purple.

Graycloth: Smoke Gray With Subtle Moss Green Shimmer.

Grit Under the Gardener's Nail: Milky Grey-Blue With Pepper Texture

Gunmetal: Dark Gunmetal Silver With Silver Shimmer And Chrome Glitter.

High PlainsMelon Orange With A Violet Shift.

Honey on Rye: Fired Earth Orange.

Joshua Tree: Mint green

Kissin' Kate's Rattlesnake VenomEarth Red With Pink Undertones

Lone Pine: Dark Turquoise Green With A Subtle Copper Shift

Love is a Dog From Hell: Scarlet Red

Low Tide at Ghost Forest: Jade Green

Mahogany: Dark Walnut Brown.

Marsh: Medium Forest Floor Green.

Marvin Zindler: Matte Neon Green Glitter With Violet And Black Shimmer

Mattress Mack: Jelly Neon Yellow

Meadowfuz: Peacock blue

Muckweed: Matte Moss Green

Panhandle PinkBallet Slipper Pink With A Gold Shift.

Razzle Dazzle: Copper Gold, Rose Gold, Gold Holo Glitter.

Rothko's Chapel: Cool Toned Raisin Purple With Very Light Gold Shimmer.

Sand Dunes: Light Wisteria Purple

Sayonara Sucker: Royal Blue With Micro Gold Flecks.

Selena Plays the Astrodome: Metallic Purple With Copper Flakes And Emerald + Teal Iridescent Specks

Seraphim: Platinum Silver

Star SmutSheer Multichrome That Shifts Teal, Blue, Pink With Micro Gold Glitter Specks

Strange DirtTopper With Pink And Black Shards, Gold Flakes, Black Slices, And Micro Glitter

SumacDusty Rose.

Swamp Sparrow: Dark Cherry Jelly Red

The Lonely Hearts Club: Blush Pink.

The Milk of Dreams: Jelly egg yolk yellow with red, orange, and pink shifting micro-glitter.

The Short End of the Fang: Merlot Red With A Matte Finish.

The Tomb of Wrestlers: Neon Jelly Red

Trick Rider Under the Neons: Neon purple

Ugly But Honest: Light Yellow Green.

Walker's Evening PrimroseTopper With Gold And Copper Flakes

Wild Like a Cut Snake: Matte Sherbert Orange.

Yams: Deep Old Mauve.

Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker: Muddy Toad Green.