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Down Choker Necklace

Fool's Gold

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Recycled Lucite
Sterling Silver chain and components
Total length 12.25″ | Charm measures 1.25″ x 1.15″

Fool’s Gold set out to accent subversive sensuality with bold accessories, taking an item that’s ostensibly intended to adorn, something delicate and pretty, and turning it into an expression of defiance and strength instead. Many of the brand’s statement pieces are still delicate, but the message is loud and serves as a symbolic reminder of resistance and solidarity. Each piece is meticulously designed to capture the timeless, bold and elegant nature of empowered people.

While ever-evolving with new materials, technology and aesthetic exploration, the designer applies a mix of traditional and modern techniques to industrial materials to create futuristic styles. The resulting designs embrace both striking textures and a modern urban aesthetic.

Ethics + Sustainability
Fool’s Gold was born from a belief that design and sustainability can, and should, exist in harmony. We focus on four main areas. (read more here)

  • Made to Order / No Waste – We make each item to order to reduce waste throughout our entire production process, and we’re committed to finding a use for each remnant from our studio.
  • Slow Fashion – We believe in thoughtful design, from initial idea to when you hold it in your hands.
  • Sourcing – We are committed to continually searching for better and more sustainable raw materials.
  • Giving Back – Each year we partner with organizations and charities that are doing crucial work worldwide to promote human rights, sustainability and earth conservation.