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Holioto Earrings

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Hoop earrings with small freshwater pearl. Delicate and sparkling, they'll look just as good in your first piercing hole as in your 2nd or 3rd. The pearl is attached to the ring, so there's no risk of losing it.

Materials .925 sterling silver, 18k gold-plated Freshwater pearl

Dimensions Smallest width: 1.5mm Largest width: 3mm Inner diameter: 8mm Pearl diameter: 3mm

*** We are a Montreal-based company and we love to design and create our jewels and accessories. We produce a part of our products in our workshop in Montreal and another part is made internationally. Our value is to sell quality products at reasonable prices.

Jewelry Care Tips:

*Store your jewelry separately so they don’t rub together or become tangled

*Do not wear when you shower, bath or swim *Avoid spray perfume or apply lotion *Take of your jewelry while intense training *Do not clean with chemicals *Keep your jewelry away from humidity and sunlight