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Incense Cones

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Incense is one of the most ancient forms of perfume, transcending time and cultures. The essence of rare and beautiful plants and resins whisp gently through your space filling your home with a gentle lingering fragrance. 

15-17 cones per bottle 
25- 30 minute burn time
Scent lingers for 2-3 hours 


Scent Notes

Guiacwood + Bergamot - Citrus, Desert Lavender, Guaiacwood

Saffron + Oud - Saffron, Leather, Oud accord, Nargaramoth

Dark and leathery, our Saffron & Oud incense cones explore the intertwining of dark, precious woods with velvety red spices and leather notes. 

Hinoki + Moss - Hinoki wood (Japanese Cypress), Cedar wood, Moss

 Soft, woody and meditative our Hinoki & Moss incense recall a gentle tranquility of the ancient Japanese incense tradition. 


 Libertine Fragrance is based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Every part of the process is done locally and in house. The experimenting, blending, mixing and packaging are all done by hand in very small batches, usually 100 or so bottles. A mixture of essential oils  and carefully chosen aroma molecules are weighed, mixed and diluted with carrier, either fractionated coconut oil or pure perfumers alcohol. The mixture is then aged to allow proper unification between essential oils and the carrier before it is bottled and ready to apply.

All of our printing is done locally by a family owned print shop in Edmonton, Alberta 

All of our packaging besides the sprayers and rollers are 100% recyclable. Please recycle when you are finished with your bottle & box.