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La Lune Necklace


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We have redesigned this necklace with a 20" 14k gold plated (with ecoat to resist tarnish) brass chain. This allows us to reduce the price! Cast from vintage molds this shimmering crescent is inspired by our home in the Valley of the Moon. Crescent is made of brass with a matte 14k gold plate.

Designed and assembled in our Sonoma California studio.

Our plating is a genuine fine 14k gold. The gold is applied to a base metal (brass in this case) in a very thin layer. Gold plated jewelry is an affordable option to solid gold. You can lengthen the life of the gold layer by removing your jewelry when swimming in pools and especially the ocean. Also while exercising. Salt and chemicals break down the gold layer. Do not use a polishing cloth with chemicals to clean plated jewelry as the gold will rub right off.