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Magical Manicure Nail Art Stickers

Sara M Lyons

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by popular demand, after a years-long hiatus, my nail art stickers are back and TRULY better than ever! i think i've finally nailed it (no pun intended) with these easy-to-apply nail stickers. no more complicated waterslide or rub-on application - just peel and stick with these babies!

each sheet includes 48(!!!) tiny nail stickers featuring my iconic magical motifs, from piggy banks and cherry pies to circus tents and crystal balls. cast a spell or tell a story right on your nails with this array of super cute designs inspired by good luck charms and magical symbolism. every single sticker is different - no repeats on the sheet! 

the super thin, high-quality adhesive allows for a smooth feel and seamless look on the nail after just one or two swipes of your favorite top coat or clear UV gel. and they're opaque enough that they'll show up on even your darkest, vampiest polish shades! they're each just about ¼" (so itty bitty!)so you can fit multiple designs - even on shorter nails. 

nail stickers come on a 2½" x 3¼" sheet in 3x4" branded packaging.

here's a list of all 48 designs included (and you know they all have their own magical meaning, too!):

grapes • ruby • hourglass • cat mask • seashell • UFO • perfume bottle • dice • apple • mirror • money bag • crystal ball • horseshoe • scales • fried egg • beer can • heart • ace of spades • cherries • piggy bank • match • broken skateboard • snake • bow • moon • fortune cookie • circus tent • cake slice • lighter • 8 ball • magic rabbit • amethyst • telephone • salt & pepper • strawberry • switchblade • best friends heart • mushroom • stormcloud • TV set • flower • black cat • ice cream cone • window • pencil • pink sapphire • cherry pie • candle

all artwork © Sara M. Lyons 2021. designed in california and manufactured in china.